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City Research Online: How to...

Publications within the scope of open access policy for the next REF but not put towards REF

There will be publications classed as journal articles and conference proceedings within scope of the open access policy for the next REF which would not be submitted to REF. 

Examples of such publications are: 

  • Editorial pieces
  • Book reviews
  • Conference abstracts only
  • Corrections 

There may be other reasons a publication classed as a 'journal article' would not be included in REF.

How to tell us that a publication will not be put towards the next REF

Find the publication in your publications list, click the 'Full text' tab and then 'deposit' icon. 


In the deposit page, click 'Set an exception' tab, choose 'Other' exception from the drop down menu and add a reason for not uploading the full text of the paper. 


You can also email the publications team at to let us know.