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Postgraduate Management and MBAs

Explore this guide using the menu on the left to help you choose the right information source for your work. Contact your librarian if you need help or advice.


Bloomberg is a global financial markets database providing news, analytics, real time pricing for over 5 million securities world-wide plus extensive historical pricing and stock charts.

Bloomberg is available on 10 PCs in the Bloomberg Dealing Room on the ground floor of Cass Business School's Bunhill Row campus, next to the Careers Centre and the cafe.  There are 6 Bloomberg terminals in the Financial Resources Zone in the Library on L1.  At Northampton Square, there are 10 terminals in the Library in the Financial Resources Suite on L5.


Getting started with Bloomberg

To begin using Bloomberg, you must first register with Bloomberg and obtain your own unique Bloomberg login details. These are separate from your City username and password.

How to set up your own Bloomberg Login

Type the code HELP then press <GO> to access Bloomberg's "Getting Started" pages for an overview of how Bloomberg works, including a video outlining the most important features.

The code CHEATSHEET <GO> takes you to a resource centre with PDFs on using Bloomberg for lots of different tasks and subjects.

Bloomberg Getting Started Guide for Students


Learning more about Bloomberg

Bloomberg Market Concepts is a specialised training programme run by Bloomberg that teaches you about financial markets and how to use Bloomberg to access them. To get started, login to a Bloomberg terminal and type in BMC <GO>. The programme consists of four modules on Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income and Equities.  It takes about eight hours to complete in total but can be done at your own pace. 

Bloomberg Certification (BMC)

Find a job through Bloomberg
Once you've finished Bloomberg Market Concepts you can upload your CV to Bloomberg Talent Search to get discovered by employers. For details see Bloomberg's BTS video.

Contacting Bloomberg for Help

Press the green "Help" button (F1) once at any time to get comprehensive contextual help for the screen that you are using, including definitions and outlines of calculations.

Press the green "Help" button twice to access the Bloomberg Help Centre. If your query cannot be answered by the options available in the Help Centre, you can send a question to the Bloomberg Help Desk. You will usually receive a response within one business day. All requests for Bloomberg help should be made this way.

Morningstar Direct

Morningstar Direct is an investment analysis platform. It provides access to 350,000 investments in Indexes, Equities, Hedge Funds, Segregated Accounts, Open-End Funds, Closed-End Funds, Insurance/Pension/Life and Exchange Traded Funds. For every investment, there is information on performance, operations, portfolio holdings, risk measure and proprietary tools.

You can only use Morningstar Direct from dedicated PCs in the following locations:

  • Any of the 12 terminals in the Financial Resources Suite
  • 1 PC in the Financial Resources Corner in the Cass Student Lounge.  This PC is not bookable.
  • Cass Business School's Bunhill Row site also has a number of Morningstar PCs available in Room 1012 within the library

To use it, log into the PC as usual, and click on the icon on the desktop.  The username and password are available on the PCs.  There's also a help PDF on the desktop of each machine, and an Excel Add-In is available to make downloading information easier.

Help Packs are available near each set of PCs with useful information in them, and you can also use Morningstar's own internal help when you are logged in.

Learn to use Morningstar Direct and get certified

  • Morningstar Direct help and training online: help and guidance for new users, as well as a link to their basic Certification exam. You can view these materials from any computer.
  • Morningstar Direct Learning Centre: detailed support for using Morningstar Direct is available from each terminal. Select 'Learning Centre' from the bottom of the menu on the left hand side when you log in.


Eikon is a professional platform from Thomson Reuters.  It includes historical and current data for equities and other asset classes including commodities, fixed income and money markets.

Eikon is available only on campus through specific PCs - in the Thomson Reuters Room and in the Thomson Reuters Zone at Cass Business School's Bunhill Row Campus, and on two PCs in the Financial Resources Zone on the 5th Floor of the University Library in Northampton Square.

This is the official Thomson Reuters training centre for Eikon: you can learn the basics, watch training videos, and get training for specific markets, too.

You can get certified on all the Thomson Reuters products that Cass Business School subscribes to - follow the links to find out more. Make sure you create your own account with your email address.

Online Q&A sessions with Thomson Reuters trainers - use your university email address to sign up

Specialist Resources in the Financial Resources Zone