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We have purchased over 2,000 titles from Dawsonera, providing a multidisciplinary collection of e-books from leading publishers.

E-book access problems

If you are experiencing problems accessing an e-book please let us know.

Provide details such as:

  • title
  • platform ISBN
  • browser you are using
  • screenshots of any error message you receive.

Are there any viewing restrictions?

  • The majority of Dawsonera e-books allow multiple concurrent users.
  • You can read these titles by clicking on: 
  • Some titles are restricted to one user or three multiple concurrent users (Managed User Access). There is no way for you to identify these titles. 
  • When a title has reached its maximum number of concurrent users you will be unable to read the e-book and you will see this icon:


  • This icon will allow you to join a queue and you will be notified by email when the e-book is available for you to use.

Please note, if you are logged into a MUA title and do not actively use the e-book for 15 minutes you will be automatically logged out and the title made available for another user.

How many pages can I copy/print?

  • The number of pages you can copy/print will vary from title to title.
  • You can copy 5% - 10% of a Dawsonera e-book and print between 10% - 20%.
  • You can only print one page at a time.

Can I download Dawsonera e-books?

  • NO - this function is not available for Dawsonera titles.

Troubleshooting Dawsonera e-books

  • Please see the Dawsonera FAQ page for further help

My Bookshelf

Tip: Click on the  next to book titles on Dawsons to save them to your bookshelf.

This will save you from having to search for your preferred titles on CityLibrary search each time you visit.