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Palgrave Connect e-books, provided a collection focusing on;

  • Social Sciences
  • Economics & Finance
  • Business & Management
  • Media & Culture
  • International & Political Studies

E-book access problems

If you are experiencing problems accessing an e-book please let us know.

Provide details such as:

  • title
  • platform ISBN
  • browser you are using
  • screenshots of any error message you receive.

Are there any viewing restrictions?

  • NO - Palgrave impose no restrictions to the number of concurrent users of their e-books.

How many pages can I copy/print?

  • Copying and printing is restricted to one chapter per title per authorised user.

Can I download Palgrave Connect e-books?

  • Palgrave Connect e-books published in 2011 to date are available to download as an EPUB file, this is a format specifically designed for use with e-book readers.
  • Titles with this function can be identified via the 'Download EPUB' button on the e-book catalogue page.
  • You must have full text or trial full text access in order to save the EPUB file to your local machine and up-load to an e-book reader.


It is also possible to upload saved e-book PDFs to your e-book readers, although the PDF files will not be optimized for the device, so (for example) there may be issues with hyphenating and line breaks when font size is increased.


Troubleshooting Palgrave Connect e-books

  • There are some known issues with using Adobe Reader 9.3 and Firefox 3.6 to browse inside Palgrave Connect e-book PDFs online.
  • Palgrave recommend you use Adobe Reader 8 or download e-book content in order to avoid these issues.