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Finding Journal Articles

You can find journal articles by using the CityLibrary Search to check for a particular title, author or keyword. You can also use it to check what journals are available either electronically or in print.

We have compiled a list of A-Z Law Databases that we subscribe to, many of which can be used to search for articles. 

Westlaw's Legal Journals Index contains over half a million article abstracts. It is a useful discovery tool for finding relevant articles on a topic. You can then use CityLibrary Search to check if we have full text access in print format or electronically from a different provider. 

LexisLibrary provides access to over 126 full-text legal journals, with thousands of full-text articles.

HeinOnline provides full text journal articles from over 1,000 law and law related journals (including UK and US law journals), the English Reports (cases decided in England and Wales from 1220 to 1865) and the Statutes of the Realm (legislation passed at Westminster between 1235 and 1713).

Can't Find a Journal Article?

If you can't find a journal article or are having difficulty with any of our resources, please ask us for help at the Library desk or email us at

You are able to search for freely available articles by using Google Scholar. When off campus, click on the Settings link at the top right of the screen and click Library links and then type in City, University of London. If we subscribe to a resource you will see an ‘Is it @ City Library?’ link on the right hand side.

You can allso use our Inter Library Loans service to request an article either electronically or in print format. There is a charge of £3 per article which is added to your library account.