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RefWorks is an online reference management tool which can be used by City students, staff and alumni.  It allows you keep track of all your research, helps create bibliographies and lets you share references with others. A new version of RefWorks (known as 'ProQuest RefWorks') has recently been launched. It is anticipated that the existing RefWorks (now referred to as 'Legacy RefWorks') will continue to run alongside the new version until January 2018.

New to RefWorks? If you have never used RefWorks before, or you have an existing Legacy RefWorks account which you no longer use, you may wish to start using the new ProQuest RefWorks now, so you can use its new features.

Already using RefWorks with your documents? It is currently not possible to change Word documents over to new ProQuest RefWorks, if you have already inserted references from Legacy RefWorks. For that reason, you may wish to use Legacy RefWorks until you have finished these documents.



Access Legacy RefWorks

Click the link above to go to the log-in page for Legacy RefWorks. If you already have a Legacy RefWorks account, log in.

If you are new to RefWorks and you do not want to use the new version, click "Sign Up for a New Account" on the RefWorks log-in page, and complete the short form. If you are signing up with RefWorks from home, you will need to enter a Group Code - email Library Services for this.  See our Legacy RefWorks guide.

Please note that the Legacy version of RefWorks is due to be phased out from January 2018.


Access Proquest RefWorks

Click the link above to go to the log-in page for new ProQuest RefWorks. If you already have a ProQuest RefWorks account, sign in.

If you are new to ProQuest RefWorks, click the “Create account” link.

Fill in your information making sure you use your City email address. You will receive an email to your City email address with a link to complete the registration process. Once you activate your account you’ll get access to ProQuest RefWorks immediately. If you have  previously used Legacy RefWorks, it is advisable that you choose a new password. See our ProQuest RefWorks guide.