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Library Services for Additional Needs

Disability and neurodiversity support


iPads can be borrowed from the Library Service Desk at Northampton Square Library and the Cass Learning resource Centre. These will allow you to study anywhere in the Library and use our online resources. You can take them to class and even take them home with you.

The iPads can be borrowed for up to seven days and cannot be renewed. We need to see the iPads regularly to check that they are in good condition and run maintenance checks on them.

Accessibility features

Built-in ipad accessibility features can be found in Settings - General - Accessibility.

Features include:

  • VoiceOver and Speech: speaks items on the screen
  • Zoom: magnifies the screen
  • Invert Colours
  • Larger Text: Adjust your preferred reading size in apps that support Dyanamic Type
  • Safari Reader View: simplifies the look of webpages by eliminating non-essential content and images from compatible webpages
  • Predictive keyboard