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Library Services for Additional Needs

Additional support for disabled students and students with learning differences.

Extended loans

  • Extended loans can be put in place for library users needing extra time. 7 Day Loans will be extended to 14 days
  • Extended loans are on referral and will be put in place following your meeting with Disability Services or Neurodiversity Support.
  • Renewal of this material is for 7 days only.
  • 24 hour and 4 week loan items are not included in extended loan arrangements.
  • Please note that the loan period of heavily requested items will automatically be reduced to 7 days.
  • Extended loans are not available for Distance Learning courses. Please see our Distance Learning Support Policy.

Book Collection

Users may request that materials be retrieved in advance of their visit. This service is available with half a day’s notice. To use this service a referral from Disability Services or Neurodiversity Support must be received by Library Services. 

We can only process one request for you per day of up to 20 items for Undergraduate students, 25 items for Postgraduate students, 30 items for staff.

Email your requests to:

Library location Contact email
Northampton Square Library
Business Library
Law Library

If you require assistance with book location, retrieval, access to shelves, or moving books to other floors during your visit, please contact:

  • Northampton Square Library: Library staff at the Level 2 Help Desk, the Level 5 Help (11am – 5pm during term time)
    or alert our roving staff (11.30am – 5pm during term time) or shelving staff (9am – 12pm and 2pm – 5pm, during term time) who will be happy to assist.
  • Business Library and Law Library, please contact library staff at the Help Desk.
  • You can also contact library staff via Online Chat. Access the chat box from the Library homepage.

Access for Assistants or Non-Medical Helpers

Library Access for Assistants and Non-Medical Helpers must be arranged via the Disability Support or Neurodiversity Support departments. Approved Assistants and Non-Medical Helpers will need a City card to access the Library, this must be arranged prior to your visit through the Disability Support or Neurodiversity Support departments.

Proxy borrowing

We are able to provide proxy borrowing for students registered with Disability Support, who are unable to visit the library to borrow materials. Proxy borrowing means that your Support Worker/Non-Medical Helper, will be able to borrow materials which will be issued to your account. To use this service a referral from Disability Support must be received by the Library first.

To set up a proxy borrower

1. A City card for your Support Worker/Non-Medical Helper should be arranged via Disability Support.

2. You will need to notify us of the contact details of your proxy, so that we can hold their details on your library record.

  • You can register your proxy by email
  • By sending written correspondence via your proxy
  • Or in person if you are both on campus

You must provide the following details

  • Your name
  • Your Registration number on your City card
  • Your Support Worker/Non-Medical Helper's name
  • Your Support Worker/Non-Medical Helper's email address
  • The Registration number on their City card

We will notify you and your proxy borrower when this is set up.

If you have a proxy borrower, you will still be the main City card-holder and you will remain responsible for any materials borrowed by your proxy and for any overdue charges incurred.

Individual Library Induction

Individual support can be offered to students requiring a library induction or assistance with assistive technology.

Your library site representative will be pleased to arrange an individual introduction to library services. In the first instance you should contact Disability Services who will make a referral and provide us with an initial assessment of your requirements.

You can also book a 1-2-1 or contact your Subject Librarian if you need further help searching for and accessing resources in your subject area.

If you have a quick question you can chat with us through the online chat box on the Library homepage.