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The Athenaeum

The Athenaeum was a highly influential periodical published between 1828 and 1931, focussing on literature and the arts.

City Library houses an important collection of the periodical on behalf of the New Statesman in which the editor has handwritten reviewer's names and other details next to many of the articles.


  • Athenaeum: Nos. 1-4737, 1828-1921
  • The Nation and Athenaeum: Vols. 35, 37-8, 43, 45-47, 1921-1931
  • New Statesman and Nation: 1931-1964
  • New Statesman 1964-1980.

In recent years several projects were undertaken to create an online archive of the Athenaeum, including a searchable index of contributing authors. More information can be found here on the project website (although please be aware that these pages are currently unsupported and may contain errors/incomplete data).

Applications for access to the Athenaeum collection should be made in writing or email to the Archives@City Team.

Upon application please state your full name and address, institutional affiliation and department where applicable, together with details of the nature of your research and the volumes you wish to access.

Ordering photocopies

UK requestors in academic institutions may request a photocopy of an article through their home library's Inter-Library Loan service.

For all other inquiries, payment for copies may be made by credit or debit card, or by sterling cheque, made payable to City, University of London. Any charges applied will cover copying, postage & packaging.