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Databases A-Z

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Please read database suppliers’ privacy policies before using your email for registration or personalised services such as alerts. If in doubt contact


Database of the Month

Business Source Ultimate

Provides access to articles, case studies, company profiles, industry reports, SWOT Analysis, Working Papers & interviews with executives & analysts.


Digital scores app that allows you to access the complete scores catalogues from major global music publishers


A collection of self-paced courses covering critical skills and research methods across all stages of academic study. 


Contains medical images such as CT scans, X-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, full-colour illustrations, and other images.

Collection of e-books covering a variety of disciplines and developed to represent all voices across gender, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, age, political and religious beliefs.

New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
A multidisciplinary database providing access to full text articles, reports, conference proceedings and books in nearly every area of academic study

Accessibility information for Academic Search Ultimate
Journals database covering art, artists, history of art, design, graphic design, architecture, cultural policy, visual culture, museums and film.

Accessibility information for Art & Architecture Complete
The Cambridge Higher Education website features textbooks only, and these will have the same functionality as textbooks on Cambridge Core. The platform hosts textbook resources, such as question banks and other visual and interactive resources for students and instructors.

Accessibility information for Cambridge Higher Education
  • Not all contents of this database are available from CityLibrary Search, follow the database link here for the full content
WRDS dataset listed under Thomson/Refinitiv. Abridged version of Datastream. International financial time series data enabling you to explore relationships and trends, perform correlations, and generate and test investment and trading ideas. Covers equities, commodities, economic indicators and futures data. Also available: “Datastream via Eikon”, which covers a wider range of financial data.

Accessibility information for Datastream via WRDS
Peer-reviewed journal articles, dissertations, conference proceedings, and working papers as well as trade publications, industry reports, and key periodicals such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and the Economist.

Accessibility information for ProQuest One Business
  • Not all contents of this database are available from CityLibrary Search, follow the database link here for the full content
RILM Abstracts of Music Literature covers a wide range of music publications from 1969 to the present and is updated on a monthly basis

Accessibility information for RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text
Sociology Source Ultimate covers all area of sociology including criminology and criminal justice, demography, ethnic and racial studies, gender studies, marriage and family, political sociology, social development, and social psychology.

Accessibility information for Sociology Source Ultimate