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Reading Lists Online

How to edit and updates lists on Reading Lists Online, and how to request digitised extracts.

How to find the reading list for your module

There are a few ways of finding your reading lists.  You can access them either via the Library homepage, the Student Hub or through the module on Moodle

Finding your reading list on Moodle

You can find a link to your reading list on the Moodle page for your module.  Select the "Reading Lists" button in the Quick Links box at the top of each Moodle module to view the reading list.  

The Quick Links box in Moodle shows Reading Lists, Timetable, Students, Lecturers, Course Officers and Library Guides.


Finding your reading list via the Library homepage

You can view and access resources on your reading list via the Reading lists link on the Library website.

The quickest way to find the reading list for your module is to search for the module code or the module title in Reading Lists Online (RLO).  

In the Reading Lists Online interface search the box labelled search for module code, title or subject. Once you start typing, matching suggestions will be predicted in a list under the search box.


My lists tab

You may want to add the resource lists of the modules you are responsible for, or you share with other colleagues, to "My Lists".  It will save you time.  Next time you log on to Reading Lists Online, you can simply select the "My lists" tab to find the list you need.

To add a resource list to "My lists":

  • Search for the reading list using the module code, or the module title.
  • Click on the title of the list to open it. 
  • Click on the "Add to My Lists" button in the top right corner of the screen.