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CityLibrary Search

How to use CityLibrary Search

Searching CityLibrary Search

Searching CityLibrary Search is really easy, it is like searching the internet. Just enter your keywords in the search box and search. 

CityLibrary Search box with search terms entered.  The search type combo box is opened. If you know what type of material you are looking for select from 3 options: All, Book or Journal Articles.

Your CityLibrary Search results


Clear filters

Before starting a new search remember to clear the filters, or click on the CityLibrary logo. This will automatically clear all the filters you have applied and take you back to the Library homepage,

Refine your search

You can refine the results by publication date, content type, discipline, language, etc.

You can also filter by library location if you select to refine your search to book/ebooks first.

Content type

You can refine your search by content type. Just select the type of material, i.e. books or journal articles to refine your results.

Please note that your search results will not include references for newspapers articles and book reviews unless you select "Clear Filters"

Publication date

You can refine your search by publication date. Hover the cursor over the diagram, you will see the number of documents relevant to your search were published each year


Order your results

Re-order your results to display in publication date order

Add results to folder

Select the Save this item icon if you want to save the reference to a folder, in order to print, email the list of useful results.


If the Library holds a print copy of the book, you will see the shelf mark you need to find the book on the shelf, and whether copies of the book are available in the library, or are out on loan

If the library has an electronic copy of the book, simply click on the "Full Text Online" link, or on the title of the book to access the full-text.

Filtering results


To refine the results by discipline, select the More… link to view the full list.

Remember that if you want to limit the results to a specific discipline, or exclude it from your search, you have to select the discipline(s) then select the Apply button

Saving results

Saved items folder

Select the saved items folder icon on the toolbar to view, print, email, or export all the results you have marked to save and added to the folder.

Remember this is only a temporary folder, your items will be cleared when you leave or after an extended period of inactivity. You can export, email or print your saved items at any time.

Choose citation format

You can select a citation / reference style. Select the drop down menu to see which reference styles are available.

Remember that you must always check the formatting for accuracy.

Export references

You can export results to reference management software. RefWorks is the reference management system used at City, University of London. You can find more information about RefWorks on our RefWorks library guide

Print and email

You can print or email the results on the list. You can use your City, University of London email or your personal email account.

Remember this is only a temporary list, it will disappear when you leave CityLibrary Search.