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RefWorks Legacy Guide

Editing References

  • To edit a reference click on the pencil and paper icon to the top right of the reference.
  • To delete a reference, click on the red cross symbol.

There is an Is it @CityLibrary link under each reference and this sometimes links to the full text of an electronic resource. Otherwise, you can edit a reference and then on the edit screen click Browse and add a file such as a PDF saved on your computer.

Creating Folders

The references you import or create in RefWorks can be stored in folders. You can make as many folders as you wish.It is possible to save references in more than one folder.

Folders are useful because otherwise your references will just appear in a long list and the more you have, the less easy they are to manage.

To create a folder:

  • Click on the New Folder button and type in the name of your new folder.
  • Click on Create.
  • Your folders will appear in alphabetical order on the right of the screen.

Creating a Subfolder

  • Right click the Folder name.
  • Select Create Subfolder from the list of options.
  • Type the subfolder name.
  • Click Create.

Your subfolder is displayed below the parent folder and is slightly indented. You can expand and collapse subfolders by clicking on the triangle to the left of the parent folder name.

Sharing your References

RefWorks has a function called RefShare which enables folders to be shared with others.

You can share a folder or database from the Organize & ShareFolders tab in the main viewing area of RefWorks.

In the Organize & Share Folders area, you will see a list of your folders. You have two options:>

  • Share your enter database (all references and all folders)
  • Share only a specific folder (or folders)

For each folder there is a Share icon sharefolder.jpgand at the top of the list of folders is the same icon that will Share Entire Database. Clicking on the Share icon sharefolder.jpg will take you to a Shared Folder Options page. This page will allow you to set up various permissions for your RefShare Recipients

Transferring References from another RefWorks account