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Governmental, news and statistical resources

Health Indicators

Health Indicators are measures designed to summarise information about the performance of a given topic in population health or health systems.

Health indicators can measure the health of populations and track how well health systems are functioning.

National Indicator Library

The official hub for health and social care indicators in England. Each indicator includes its methodology, output and any assurance rating.

National Indicator Library

Health Indicators from the OECD iLibrary

Compendium of Population Health Indicators from NHS Digital

The Compendium is a collection of indicators, giving a comprehensive overview of population health at a national, regional and local level. 

The indicators within the Compendium can be useful for:

  • comparing the profile of your local area with other regions and national averages 
  • understanding what the population health challenges are in your area and how they may be changing over time 
  • exploring the diverse range of factors that influence health inequalities

Compendium of Population Health Indicators

Indicators from the Quality Watch programme

Quality watch tracks more than 200 quality indicators to find out whether health and social care quality in England is getting better or worse. Where possible, they also monitor how England and the UK compare internationally.

Searches can be refined by selecting a Domain

Quality Watch