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Financial Information

COVID-19 arrangements

During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic access to site-based databases is not possible. Our Remote Access to Business Databases Guide gives information about web accessible resources which provide similar information.

Using Financial Resources on Site


Book a financial resources PC

Cass Library Services has a broad portfolio of financial databases. Some can only be accessed on site. They can be found at the following locations:

Cass Business School, Bunhill Row

  • Cass Learning Resource Centre, Financial Resources Zone
    • Bloomberg 
    • Eikon with Datastream
    • Morningstar Direct
    • SDC Platinum
    • Dealogic
    • DebtWire
    • MergerMarket
    • Real Deals


  • Bloomberg Finance Lab
    • ‚ÄčBloomberg
  • Thomson Reuters Trading Room
    • Eikon with Datastream

Northampton Square Library

  • Financial Resources Suite
    • Bloomberg
    • Eikon with Datastream
    • Morningstar Direct
    • SDC Platinum


Why use financial resources on site?

Most of our databases online contain the basic financial data most students need. Financial databases on-site contain data that is more in-depth, wide-ranging and historical than most of the browser-based financial databases.

Many of these databases are commonly used the workplace, and having an understanding of how to use them, or better yet, certification, is an advantage when applying for jobs.


Financial resources on site can be booked for up to two hours per day, up to two weeks in advance. They can only be booked for the use of financial resources. 

Users arriving more than 15 minutes late to their booking will lose their full booking period.

Training and support

Support for Financial Databases on-site can often be found on the desktop or in the database instructions next to the terminal. Bloomberg, Eikon and Morningstar run certification training. Please see the sections below for more information.

Training on these databases is held periodically during the term and can be booked on the Library Training and Workshops calendar. Training sessions focus on specific areas for particular student groups, as laid out in the description. Training on the Library Training and Workshops calendar is open to all City students.



Bloomberg is a global financial markets database providing news, analytics and real time data for over 5 million securities world-wide, plus extensive historical data, including pricing and stock charts.

Bloomberg is available on:

  • 10 terminals in Northampton Square Library on L5 in the Financial Resources Suite
  • 10 terminals in the Bloomberg Finance Lab on the ground floor of Cass Business School's Bunhill Row campus
  • 6 terminals in the Financial Resources Zone in Cass Library on L1 of the Bunhill Row campus

Learning to use Bloomberg

Bloomberg has a unique interface that is designed to help users quickly find and use information.

You can only use Bloomberg on specific PCs at Bunhill Row and in Northampton Square Library. You must create a separate account to use it. You can use this account across all the Bloomberg PCs on both sites. 

1) Set up your Bloomberg account 

You'll need your City/Cass email address and your mobile phone. Follow these instructions:

I have forgotten my username or password

If you have an account but have lost the details, go to the log in screen and follow the Forgotten your password instructions. If your account has become inactive, enter your username and password and follow the instructions on the screen.  

To retrieve Bloomberg account information, you will need access to the mobile phone number associated with your account.

2) Install the Bloomberg Excel add-in

Bloomberg has a useful Excel add-in that allows you to export data from the terminal easily. To use it, you will need to set it up in your profile by going to the desktop of any Bloomberg PC and double-clicking the Install office add-ins icon. Click Install when prompted.

Once you have installed the add-in, it will work when you log into any of our Bloomberg terminals.

The add-in will allow you to export data from Bloomberg to Excel and to use various pre-set templates and a formula builder to import data into Excel. 

You can also use Bloomberg Query Language (BQL) which is an SQL-like language that will allow you to perform your own calculations in the Bloomberg cloud.

3) Use the Bloomberg Getting Started Guide for Students 

There are magazine holders near each Bloomberg PC. They contain copies of the most recent Bloomberg Getting Started Guide for Students. The booklets illustrate the basic principles of navigating Bloomberg and the Bloomberg Excel add-in using relevant and accessible information for new users.

For basic help with using the terminal, type the code HELP and then press <GO> (the enter key).  Using HLPT then <GO> will access the Help Library, which has guidance on a range of Bloomberg topics.

Press the HELP key (F1 on the keyboard) to access contextual help for the function you’re currently looking at.

You can also attend a Bloomberg university webinar. These cover Commodities, Equities, FX, Fixed Income, using the PORT function to create a test portfolio, Islamic Finance, and using Bloomberg Query Language (BQL).

4) Take it to the next level with Bloomberg Market Concepts

Bloomberg Market Concepts is a specialised training programme run by Bloomberg that teaches you about financial markets and how to use Bloomberg to access them.  You can take it online via any PC or through the Bloomberg terminal by typing in BMC <GO>. Find out how to sign up:

Modules include:

  • Getting started with the terminal
  • Economic indicators
  • Currencies
  • Fixed Income
  • Equities
  • Portfolio management

5) Try our tips and tricks 

Bloomberg is full of extra help materials. Try the following codes – type them in and press <GO> (the enter key):

  • BHL: the Bloomberg Help and Learning Centre.
  • BPS: quick guides to functions for different market sectors.
  • QUIC: a list of Bloomberg Quick-Takes articles to help you keep up to date and understand various topics.
  • BU: find and enrol in webinars and training resources.
  • USER: workflows and useful Bloomberg function for specific professional roles.

Bloomberg can also assist in your job hunt. Try the following codes:

  • PEOP: a people database that you can filter for things like job role and alumni of particular schools.
  • JOBS: a jobs search for the finance industry.
  • BI: an industry explorer to help you with application and interview research. 

Finding Bloomberg articles 

You can find articles from, Bloomberg Businessweek and Bloomberg News on the Bloomberg terminals themselves, using the code N < GO> for news.

You can also find a lot of those articles from any computer, through our aggregator databases. Find Bloomberg Businessweek articles online by searching CityLibrary Search for their title, or browse issues on Business Source Complete database. Find a full list of additional Bloomberg Series on our Journals A-Z pages.


Eikon is a professional platform from Refinitiv.  It includes historical and current data for equities and other asset classes including commodities, fixed income and money markets.

Eikon is available only on campus through specific PCs - in the Refinitiv Room and in the Financial Resources Zone at Cass Learning Resource Centre, and on three PCs in the Financial Resources Suite on Level 5 of Northampton Square Library.

Datastream via Eikon

Datastream is a popular database for time series: it covers financial and company data as well as macroeconomic indicators and fixed income securities.  Students can access it via the Eikon Excel Add In. 


Morningstar Direct is an investment analysis platform. It provides access to 350,000 investments in Indexes, Equities, Hedge Funds, Segregated Accounts, Open-End Funds, Closed-End Funds, Insurance/Pension/Life and Exchange Traded Funds. For every investment, there is information on performance, operations, portfolio holdings, risk measure and proprietary tools.

You can only use MorningStar Direct from dedicated PCs in the following locations:

  • Any of the 12 terminals in the Financial Resources Suite
  • 1 PC in the Financial Resources Corner in the Cass Student Lounge. This PC is not bookable.
  • Cass Learning Resource Centre also has a number of MorningStar PCs available.

To use it, log into the PC as usual, and click on the icon on the desktop. The username and password are available on the PCs.  There's also a help PDF on the desktop of each machine, and an Excel Add-In is available to make downloading information easier.


How to use MorningStar Direct:

Help Packs are available near each set of PCs with useful information in them, and you can also use MorningStar's own internal help when you are logged in.  Go to the 'Learn' section of the Home tab to find out more. Help manuals are available here: 


Specialist Resources in the Financial Resources Zone