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Health Psychology

For students performing the MSc in Health Psychology and others undertaking research in this area.

What are Journals?

A journal is a scholarly publication containing articles written by researchers, academics and other experts. Journal articles can cover all types of research such as clinical trials, systematic reviews, qualitative studies etc. The Library subscribes to a number of journals covering Health Psychology and other health disciplines.

Key Journals for Health Psychology

These are some of the key journals for Health Psychology. Select a cover to browse the volumes and issues available.


Browsing Journals

Search here to browse other journals available from the Library.

Search for online journals

Finding a specific article

If you are looking for a specific article, e.g. one recommended by your tutor, the best resource to use is CityLibrary Search.

Enter the title of the article and select Articles from the drop down menu.

If the article is available from the Library the title will be displayed and you can access it by selecting the Full Text Online link below it.

If the Library does not provide access to the article you can request it through our Inter Library Loan service.

Searching for articles on a topic

Whilst you can search for articles on a research topic by browsing individual journals it is much quicker to useful online databases. Select the Databases tab to see which databases are available and to access them.