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Information Skills and Employability

Part of being employable is demonstrating transferable skills, many of which you will have

learnt through your studies.

Skills that you have developed when dealing with information tend to be of particular interest

to employers.

Highlighted here are some information skills that you will have developed through your studies

and how they relate to your employability and any future study or research that you undertake



Understanding how to undertake a research project such as an essay or your dissertation will stand you in good stead for planning and carrying out similar investigative work when you are employed. The skills you learn can also help you organise and structure your job search.

Here is more information on how to undertake research projects.


Many employers will have information sources that they subscribe to, that they may require you to search. Many of the databases to which the library subscribes are used professionally.

The searching skills you develop through your studies will demonstrate to potential employers that you can identify, plan and gather information needed.

Read more about searching for information.

Evaluating Information

Your future employer may want you to write reports or undertake research that gathers information from a wide variety of sources. Information evaluation skills that you learn while studying, will help you identify authoritative and reliable information.

Read more about  evaluating information sources.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a way of thinking that allows an objective opinion to be formed on an issue. In working life there will be many situations where critical thinking will be needed to solve a problem or make a decision and employers will be keen to see this skill in potential employees. Critical thinking encompasses a number of techniques that are closely related to evaluating information. These include:

  • defining problems
  • asking appropriate questions
  • analysing assumptions
  • evaluating results
  • synthesizing information

CityLibrary Search includes a number of resources to help develop your critical thinking skills for example:


You may wish to reflect on your learning throughout your course, your assignments and presentations and feedback given and use this to develop your skills and enhance your skills, working methods and future performance. This is known as reflective practice and is used in different professions such as teaching and nursing.

For example you might consider:

  • What worked well?
  • Would could be improved?
  • What can I do differently in the future?

You can see some reflective practice books in CityLibrary Search.Cuty


Social Media

Social Media can be a great tool to help you in the working environment. Not limited to LinkedIn, you can use your personal social media  accounts to build a network of contacts and build your profile. The contacts and sources you build can be a great source of information, bringing to your attention, the latest developments in your field.

Here is some more information on how to best use Social Media for your studies and professionally.

Library Employability Guide

The Library can directly help you with your employability. We've produced a guide that provides resources that can help increase

your employability. See our Employability guide for more information.  It has sections on:                                                                     

  • Finding career resources in the library.                                         
  • Finding information on potential employers.
  • Current awareness of the job market.                                
  • Developing your skills.
  • Advice on social media.                                                                                            

University Careers Service

The Careers Service at City can provide help and advice about employability throughout your studies and after you graduate.

See everything City Careers Service has to offer.

Resource Suggestions

Here are some links to other resources and information on the topic of employability that you may find useful.