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Reference Management Tools

If you are undertaking a longer piece of work such as a dissertation or a thesis, you might wish to consider how you manage the research references that you collect during the process of conducting your research.

For this purpose, you may choose to use a reference management software to store and manage your references and use them to create reference lists/ bibliographies.

Some reference management tools are listed below.

ProQuest RefWorks

ProQuest RefWorks
  is an online reference management, writing and collaboration tool designed to help researchers at all levels gather, organise, store and share all types of information and to generate citations and bibliographies. Please remember to check any output generated by RefWorks for accuracy.

You will need to create a new account the first time you use ProQuest RefWorks.

Use ProQuest Refworks to:

  • Manage and store your references from projects and dissertations in folders.
  • Export references from CityLibrary Search and many databases and Google Scholar etc into RefWorks.
  • Create and format bibliographies in different styles and generate in text citations.
  • Save PDFs and documents directly from your computer.
  • Collaborate and share references with others.


Reference Manager. Resource Discovery. Academic Profiles. Networking. Impact.

  is a free tool enabling you to capture, organise, annotate, store and share your references. You can download a desktop version, including a Mendeley plug in for Word to enable you to create citations and bibliographies. You can also access the online version, and synchronise your accounts so that you can easily access your chosen papers at any point. Online versions are also available for plug in for Word.

Mendeley desktop version enables you to easily upload any pdfs you may have already downloaded into your files.

Mendeley online interface enables you to connect with like minded researchers, to join and form groups and networks and to discover and share papers. You can develop and display your academic profile to include your papers, CV etc. You can see how many times your papers have been read, and view and discussions generated by your research. You can choose to embed this profile in other websites e.g. on your blog.


 is a free reference management software. It allows you to:

  • Collect bibliographic information (extracts metadata) on books, journal articles, videos and other resources from library resources, databases, andf ree sites..
  • Collect PDFs, file, images for each citation/reference in your library.
  • Create a bibliography and in-text citations in a variety of reference styles in a Word or OpenOffice document.
  • Sync among computers and the cloud.
  • Create Groups to share citations, collection, notes and tags with colleagues.