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CityLibrary Resources and Moodle



This guide provides instructions for adding Library Guides, links, videos, and other materials to Moodle modules for teaching purposes.

For further information and support please contact your Subject or Research Librarian. 


Integrating existing Subject Guide content into Moodle

Subject Guides are webpages created by Librarians which provide links to key library resources and support for a particular subject area or department. These pages also include contact information for the Subject or Research Librarian for that particular area and other useful information such as pages providing examples and instructions of how to navigate and search an online resource or information on literature searching. 

It's now easy to integrate content from our existing Subject Guides into your Moodle module, this can be a box of content, a page or a whole guide. 

Tailored content for your students

Speak to your Subject Librarian about creating tailored Library content for your Moodle module. This could be information to support a particular project or assignment or training materials for using a certain database. 

Benefits of embedding library content into Moodle

  • Library content is available at point of need 
  • Content can be amended remotely by the librarian to reflect the changing needs of the course
  • The Library Guides software allows for institutional branding and customisation which helps create a seamless user experience in Moodle.