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CityLibrary Resources and Moodle

Embedding BoB into Moodle​

  1. Log in to BoB and find the programme that you want to share. Click the Share button and copy the Embed code.Video in BoB BBC News President Trump Takes Office. The share button is selected to open the Share this programme options. Embed for displaying on your own site is the third option.
  2. In your Moodle module page switch on editing and click Add an activity or resource. A box will appear to add a resource. Scroll down and select Label - Enhanced. Then click Add.
  3. Add a title and then select the <> button, paste the embed code you copied here. The editor interface box in Moodle. The section labelled general shows the title field "Donald Trump's inauguration", the content field and toolbar with <> selected, the code is pasted into the free text field here, the text type dropdown with "standard" is selected. In the icon field the text "fa-video-camera" is entered.
  4. Selecting the text type will determine how you want the video/audio player to display. We recommend Standard or Popup. In the icon field filter to select camera or video. Now save and return to the course. The video of Donald Trump's inauguration with video player controls appears embedded in Week 5 of the Moodle Module.