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CityLibrary Resources and Moodle

What is BrowZine?

BrowZine is a mobile and web application from Third Iron that allows you to monitor, browse and access e-journals from different publishers using one simple interface.  With BrowZine you can:

  1. Create a personal virtual bookshelf with your favourite journal tittles
  2. Receive alerts when a new issue of the publication is released
  3. Save articles to read offline
  4. Export the article reference to RefWokrs, Mendeley or Zotero
  5. Sync across your desktop and mobile device

Why use BrowZine?

  1. Keep up to date on current research in your discipline
  2. Get an overview of current research available in the journal format including articles you might miss using a focused online search.
  3. Easily access scholarly journals on a mobile device.

Embedding BrowZine into Moodle

  1. Go to to build your widget
  2. Select the size of the widget you want to use. Customise the message and the colour of the title bar.  If you use the code b02a1a you will select the red used on the City website.You can edit and customise both the widget title and the description
  3. In the Taxonomy Area select City, University of London as your institution and choose the subject area you want to promote. Select how many journals you want to feature (20 max)
  4. Update the widget to preview your work and populate the widget output code. If you make any changes - update the widget again before selecting and copying the code.

5. In your Moodle module page switch on editing and click Add an activity or resource. A box will appear to add a resource. Scroll down and select Label - Enhanced. Then click Add.

6.  Add a title and then select the <> button, paste the embed code you copied here.

The editor interface box in Moodle. The section labelled general shows the title field "criminology journals" is entered, the content field and toolbar with <> selected, the code is pasted into the free text field here, the text type dropdown with "block quote" is selected. ‚Äč

7. Selecting the text type will determine how you want the video/audio player to display. We recommend Block Quote.  Now save and return to the course, you will see the widget displayed. 

Browzine widget appearing in a Moodle page shows Criminology journals with Explore journals and Watch video buttons..