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Publications database guide

Step 1

Log in to the Publications database, log in with your City username and password. 

Step 2

In the publications section, click on “+ add” 

Step 3

Select the appropriate publication type.

Step 4

You can search for the publication using the publication's title or the DOI. If the correct publication is displayed in the list, you can 'Claim' it. This step will add the publication's details to your publications list. If not “Skip” to the next page.

Step 5

Fill in as many fields as you can; red asterisk fields are compulsory fields. Click “Save” to finish.

Step 6

You will then be able to link to any grants that may have funded the article. Either “link” to the appropriate grant or choose from the other options (circled in red).

Step 7

Upload the full-text of your article here. Please note in most cases it is the Author Accepted Version that can be used. This will move the publication into our repository admin area where the repository team checks for copyright and metadata and makes the publication available on If you don’t have the full-text, you can “set an exception” or “return to publications page".