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Reading Lists Online

How to edit and updates lists on Reading Lists Online, and how to request digitised extracts.

Installing the "Bookmark button"

Before you can start adding your references to Reading Lists Online, you need to install a Bookmark Button on your browser.  The Bookmark button allows you to capture resources and add them to My bookmarks page. You only have to install the Bookmark button once on your PC or on your laptop. 

To install the Bookmark Button:

  • Select My Bookmarks tab.
  • Select Install Bookmarks Button.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to add the Bookmark Button to your favourites on your toolbar. 

You may want to rename the Bookmark Button. The default name is 'Add to My Bookmarks'. To rename the Bookmark Button, simply right-click and select Properties. In the Name field, change the name e.g. Bookmark to ReadingLists.

Bookmarking books and e-books in the library collection 

  • Open the reading list you want to edit or update.
  • Open another tab on your browser and go to CityLibrary Search
  • Search for the title of a book, i.e. Sage Handbook of qualitative data analysis
  • Click on the Add to My Bookmarks button you installed in your Favourites toolbar
  • The bookmark to reading list link will display next to each format of the book. Click on the link.

A book record in CityLibrary Search results, next to the book format and availability is a link to "Bookmark to reading list".

You can then choose one ot the 2 options at the bottom of the screen  Two buttons labelled Create and Create and Add to List.

Select Create:

  • then go back to your reading list and refresh the screen, you should see the last bookmarks you have saved on the right of your screen under Most Recent Bookmarks.
  • drag the bookmark and drop into the relevant section of your reading list. 
  • you can then edit the note for students and note for Library and set the importance.

Select  to Create & Add to List:

  • this adds the bookmark directly to the selected reading list, and to a specific section of the reading list.
  • you can add notes and importance before saving the bookmark.
  • Please note - remember to check and select (if necessary) the reading list you need to add the reference to.  Your computer will automatically remember the last reading list you worked on / updated and select that as default.

Bookmarking material not available in the library

If the book you have to add to the reading list is not in the library collection yet,

  • Search for the title on Amazon, or the publisher website.
  • Use the Add to My Bookmarks button on your browser, to bookmark the new resource. 
  • Then select Create or Create & Add to List, to add the reference to the relevant reading list.
  • Indicate whether it is essential or recommended reading.  This will also help library staff calculate how many copies of the title need to be purchased.

Bookmarking websites

  • Go to the web page you want to bookmark, and click on the Add to my bookmarks.
  • Check that the title of the website or the name of the document has been saved correctly.  You may have to delete additional spaces or extra characters.
  • Then choose either Create or Create & Add to list to add the reference to your reading list.

Bookmarking from Box of Broadcasts

Box of Broadcasts is a shared online off-air TV and radio recording service for UK higher education institution. 

You can bookmarks clips or entire programmes recorded on Box of Broadcasts.

  • Log in to Box of Broadcasts.
  • Select the programme you want to include on your reading list.
  • Click on the Add to My Bookmarks button you saved on your browser.
  • Change the resource type to Audio visual document - select option on drop down menu.

A page generated by the bookmarklet tool shows Bookmarking from BoB National, Webpage, the Resource type is required and shows a list with Audio-visual document selected.

  • Check (and if necessary complete) the title of the programme and add any other relevant bibliographic information.
  • Replace the URL in your bookmark with the WAYless URL.  To find the WAYless URL, go back to the programme in Box of Broadcasts.  Select Embed, then choose Wayless URL, and copy.
  • Click on Create, or Create & Add to List to add to your reading list.