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Reading Lists Online

How to edit and updates lists on Reading Lists Online, and how to request digitised extracts.

Editing a reading list in Edit List (Classic)

To add, delete, re-organise or annotate items on a reading list, open a resource list, click on the Edit tab, then select Edit list (classic).  This turns on the list editor mode, so you can: 

  • Add references you have already bookmarked in RLO.
  • Delete references on the resource list.
  • Change the order of the topics in the table of content.
  • Change the order references are listed.
  • Add notes to the references.
  • Mark essential or recommended reading. 
  • Edit the title of the resource list (please alert the Subject Librarian who needs to edit the title of the module in the list hierarchy).
  • Publish the reading lists.  Remember to publish the list every time you make any changes, so your students can view the updated content.

Setting importance and adding notes 

It is important that you clearly indicate the importance of the resources on the reading lists.  You can indicate the importance as: 

  • item for student purchase
  • Essential reading 
  • Recommended reading 

This would give clear guidance to the students enrolled on the module, but it is also very important for library staff who will rely on this information to calculate resource allocation and purchase new or additional material. 

Divide the reading list into topics / weeks in Edit List (Classic)

You can add a new topic or a new section to the reading list by dragging the New section tool that you can see on the right of the screen.

Section of the Reading Lists online screen showing the new section button with drag handles.

Moving sections of the reading list in Edit List (Classic)

To change the order of the topics on the reading list:

  • click on the Edit tab, then select Edit list (classic).
  • click on Table of Contents [show] - you will see the link just under the title of the reading list.
  • drag and drop the headings of each section to re-order the reading list.

Adding notes in Edit List (Classic) 

You can add notes to the reading list by dragging the New Note tool that you see on the right of the screen.

You can also add notes to individual references by selecting Edit notes and importance. Any comment you add to the Student note can be seen by all your students when you publish the reading list.

Comments you add to the Library note can only be viewed by library staff.

An item in the reading list showing Student note: Read chapters 8 & 9 and Library Note: Can we order the e-book?