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ProQuest RefWorks Guide

How to Add References

References can be added to Refworks in a number of ways:

Please note that when exporting, choose ProQuest RefWorks.

CityLibrary Search

  • Once you have created a New RefWorks account, it is very easy to export references from CityLibrary Search.
  • Conduct a search and from your list of results.
  • Click on the grey folder icon with a cross on it on the right hand side of the search results you wish to export (it is labelled 'Save this item').
  • The grey icon will turn red and the references will go into a temporary folder at the top right of the screen (now labelled 'Saved Items').
  • Click on the Export and select RefWorks.
  • Select ProQuest RefWorks.

The CityLibrary Search screen showing two results highlighting the Saved Items link selected.


Search the database and from the list of results you can usually export individual or multiple results. Sometimes this involves adding the references to a folder to allow you to export them to a reference manager software.

Most databases have some type of Save/ Mail/Export functionality to enable you to do this. If there is a RefWorks export option, this makes the process much easier.

Exporting from Google Scholar

  • Click on Settings and then Bibliography manager
  • Select RefWorks from the drop down menu and then save.
  • Conduct a search in Google Scholar and you will then see a link under each result to Import into RefWorks.

Exporting From Other Library Catalogues into RefWorks

Some external Library catalogues are set up to export references into RefWorks.

For example, the British Library main catalogue 

Type in some keywords into the search box and click Search. Click the star symbol next to any results you wish to export and it will turn blue (The link is labelled 'Add to My Workspace').

Search results in the British Library catalogue, one result has the Add to My Workspace link selected.

When ready to export your references, go to My workspace (top right of the screen), select your references and click Push to RefWorks. Select the New version of RefWorks.


Adding References from your Computer or Manually

Click the plus sign icon labelled Add a Reference (top left of the ProQuest RefWorks menu) to create a new reference or to upload documents such as PDFs of articles from your computer.

See the video below for advice on adding references yourself.

Creating References and Adding Documents Within RefWorks