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RefWorks Legacy Guide

What is Refworks?

RefWorks is an online reference management, writing and collaboration tool designed to help researchers at all levels gather, organise, store and share all types of information and to generate citations and bibliographies. Please remember to check any output generated by RefWorks for accuracy.

This guide refers to the Legacy version of RefWorks.  We recommend that new users use the new ProQuest RefWorks as Legacy is due to be phased out in 2018.

RefWorks can be accessed from the CityLibrary search box  or at

You will need to create a new account the first time you use RefWorks.

It is easier to create an account on campus initially if possible. You will then be able to use it both on and off campus.

Use Refworks to

  • Manage and store your references from projects and dissertations in folders.
  • Export references from CityLibrary Search and many databases and Google Scholar etc into RefWorks.
  • Create and format bibliographies in different styles and generate in text citations.
  • Save PDFs and documents.
  • Collaborate and share references with others.