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Wellbeing: Self-help resources

Mental health and wellbeing resources. Self-help books recommended in the Reading well, books on prescription. The scheme is endorsed by health professionals and recommended by City's Student Mental Health and Counselling Service.

How to use these resources

Library Services and the Student Counselling and Mental Health Service have worked collaboratively to bring students and staff the following selection of self-help resources.  This includes a large selection of books recommended by Reading Well, Books on Prescription, a scheme supported by research and endorsed by health professionals.  Titles address common issues and mental health conditions and are designed to help you understand and manage your mental health and wellbeing.  Resources are intended to be used either as stand-alone self-help or to compliment counselling or mental health support.

If you have any personal or academic matters that are causing you distress or a diagnosed mental health condition, contact the Student Counselling & Mental Health Service for emotional and practical support.

If you are a member of staff the Staff Counselling Service can be accessed through the Occupational Health Service.


Mental Health

Therapies and approaches

Common feelings and experiences

Self-help books to support mental health

Other common conditions

Personal stories

Long term conditions




Sleep problems

Mental Health and wellbeing


Support for relatives are carers

Compassion Focused Therapy