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Business and Financial Information for the School of Science & Technology

Key Financial Databases

Check privacy policies before submitting personal data when using online resources. Find out more on our Personal Data and Online Resources Page

Your Personal Data

Check privacy policies before submitting personal data when using online resources. Find out more on our Personal Data and Online Resources Page.

Financial Information

What's available

Companies are required to release a certain amount of financial information on a regular basis. How much information they disclose depends on a number of factors, including:

  • In which country they're incorporated
  • Whether or not they're publicly listed on a stock exchange

Publicly listed companies must release more information than private companies, which can make it a challenge to find certain types of financial data for private companies.

The Business Library provides access to a wide range of financial data for both public and private companies. It's accessible across a range of platforms on site and from your own computer.

Where to access financial databases

On site: at one of the Financial Resources sites - at the Business School:

At Northampton Square, Financial Resources Suite

How to access financial databases

If it's on site, you will need to either use credentials or create your own. If it's off-site, then you can access financial databases on your own computer, often your own City username and password are all you need.

Sometimes databases require specialist access arrangements. You can find these in Business Library Moodle 2021-2022.

Quick access to share prices

Use these resources to find basic prices and quick analysis. They can be accessed from any computer but don't have the more complex tools and power of more specialist resources like Bloomberg or Eikon.

Support, Training & Certification Support

Support for Financial Databases on site can often be found on the desktop or in the database instructions next to the terminal. Bloomberg and Eikon run certification training (see below). 


Training on these databases is held periodically during term and can be booked on the Library Training and Workshops calendar. Training sessions focuses on specific areas for particular student groups, as laid out in the description. Training on the Library Training and Workshops calendar is open to all City students.


Bloomberg and Eikon all offer free, self-paced, certificated courses that provide a valuable introduction to financial markets and are useful additions to your CV.

  • Bloomberg Certification - this course takes 8 hours to complete and progress is saved automatically. After finishing the BMC, Bloomberg provides a 'Certificate of Completion'. Details are available in Signing up for Bloomberg Market Concepts.
  • Eikon certification and training - to get started, visit the Refinitiv Training page and select Eikon.