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Business and Financial Information for the School of Science & Technology

Mergers, Acquisitions and IPOs data

Reliable M&A and IPO data are highly valuable. The sort of information a company is required to disclose varies among countries. When it comes to M&A no one database is fully comprehensive for all deals information. It might be necessary to use more than one database to build a comprehensive set of data. 

Library Services provides access to several major sources of this M&A data, each of which covers a slightly different range of data. Some of these databases can be accessed on your own computer, while others must be accessed using a Financial Resource on site.

M&A data from your own computer

M&A data on site

SDC Platinum offers a comprehensive search for M&A, bonds, new issues and more. It can be found on a terminal in the Business Library as well as in the Financial Resources Suite at Northampton Square. User guide videos are available in Business Library Moodle 2021-2022.

Those building a custom report may need to refer to definitions. The following definition lists can be helpful when choosing which variables to include in your custom report.