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TV, Film and Music

BoB is a TV and radio streaming service for education. BoB is also a great place to find 100s of films, just search by title, actor or director. 

Key features and functions: 

  • Record TV and radio programmes from over 65 freeview channels
  • Search an archive of over 2 million broadcasts going back to 2006
  • Share resources via Moodle and reading lists
  • Create clips and playlists
  • Record a programme after it's been broadcast with a buffer of 30 days.
  • Access over 10 foreign language channels, including French, German and Italian.

You can't:

  • Watch/listen to live TV or radio
  • Access BoB outside of the UK due to licensing regulations.

Video Tutorials

For a more detailed search of TV and radio data use TRILT. TRILT contains comprehensive listings for more than 475 TV and radio channels from 1995 onwards. A TRILT record will tell you if a programme is available in BOB or as an off-air recording. 


To search TRILT click on Sign In and find the City, University of London (IT login) option from the list.