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TV, Film and Music

Digital Theatre Plus

Digital Theatre Plus offers high-definition films of UK theatre productions and  interviews with actors, directors and creative teams.

Content includes: 

  • Classic, contemporary and international productions
  • Exclusive interviews exploring the dramatic, technical theatre-making process, as well as experimental, post-dramatic and applied theatre
  • Essays, documentaries, lectures, and study guides, covering theatre history, context, language analysis, encyclopedia entries, and practical techniques

Digital Theatre Plus screen showing the play 'A Dolls House'.

Finding a film in Digital Theatre Plus

  1. Go to CityLibrary Search and search name of the production you’re interested in.'A doll's house' typed into the CityLibrary Search box.
  2. Use the options at the side of the screen to narrow the Content Type to Streaming Video and select Apply.The 'content type' list showing 'streaming video' in 'refine your search'.
  3. Choose the film you would like to watch then select the Watch Video at Digital Theatre Plus button. Now you’ll be prompted to login with your City username and password.

Alternatively if you would like to browse all of the films available just go directly to Digital Theatre Plus and login via institution.