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Air Transport for Distance Learning

Current newspaper collections

These databases are updated daily and can be used to search UK and international news from the 1980s onwards. You can search within one publication or save time by searching across a range of sources. 

Nexis UK and Factiva let you access newspapers which are normally restricted by paywalls, such as The Times (London) and the New York Times. 

Digital archives

Library Services subscribes to a wide range of archives which come in a fully searchable and browsable digital format.

Cover of "The Times" from 1969, headline "Man takes first steps on the moon"Cover of "The New York Times". Headline "East Germany opens frontier to the West for emigration or visits; thousands cross"

Box of Broadcasts

Box of Broadcasts (BoB):

  • An off-air recording and media archive service which enables all staff and students to choose and record any broadcast programme from 60+ TV and radio channels.
  • The recorded programmes are then kept indefinitely and added to a growing media archive (currently at over 1 million programmes), with all content shared by users across all subscribing institutions.
  • Please note: Only available to users in the UK and for educational use only