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Liberating CityLibrary

About Liberating CityLibrary

Help us to improve the diversity of our collections

Based on your suggestions we hope to increase the range of books in the library by authors from the Global Majority, by LGBTQI+ people and titles which recognise overlapping identities and experiences such as gender, class, sexuality and disability.

"Global Majority is a collective term that first and foremost speaks to and encourages those so-called to think of themselves as belonging to the global majority. It refers to people who are Black, Asian, Brown, dual-heritage, indigenous to the global south, and or have been racialised as 'ethnic minorities'." - Rosemary Campbell-Stephens MBE

To get involved complete the online form. If the requested book costs less than £100 and there are no copies in stock, your order will be placed within five working days.

Discovering the Liberating CityLibrary collection

Highlights from the collections are displayed below. Titles connect to CityLibrary Search for book details, availability and e-book access links.

All items purchased for Liberating CityLibrary can be discovered in CityLibrary Search using the search term "Liberating City Library".

If you have any questions about Liberating CityLibrary please email

Collection Highlights

Disability History Month

Disability History Month aims to promote awareness and understanding of disability issues and the positive contributions of disabled people to society. Find a selection of the most recent titles purchased through the Liberating CityLibrary scheme. Find out more about Disability History Month at CityLibrary. 


Islamophobia Awareness Month

Islamophobia Awareness Month showcases the positive contributions of Muslims and raises awareness of Islamophobia in society. The theme for this year’s campaign is #MuslimStories. It is hoped that through the power of storytelling, the campaign can create and strengthen relationships between people from a range of different backgrounds.  

Here is a selection of titles purchased through the Liberating CityLibrary scheme. Find out more about Islamophobia Awareness Month at CityLibrary.