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Reading Lists Online - advice for students

How to use Reading Lists Online

Welcome to Reading Lists Online 

Reading Lists Online (RLO) makes it very easy to find books, e-books, journal articles and any other resources your lecturers have recommended for your modules.   The main advantages of using Reading Lists Online are: 

  • direct links to online resources, including e-books and journal articles recommended on your list
  • direct links to open-access content, videos, web pages and free resources your lecturers may have selected for your course
  • access to digitised extracts Library staff have scanned and made available in PDF format only for the students enrolled on the module. 
  • information on book availability. It displays how many print copies of the book are available in the Library, and where to find them. 
  • the ability to annotate references on the reading list.  

The lecturer may have structured the content of the reading list, and indicated the key sources you will be expected to read before the next class or seminar, as well as suggestions for further readings to help you get the most out of your modules. 

They may have also added notes to highlight the most important chapters, which topic is best covered in the text, or why you should read it.