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Reading Lists Online - advice for students

How to use Reading Lists Online

How to find the reading list for your module

There are a few ways of finding your reading lists.  You can access them either via the Library homepage, the Student Hub or through the module on Moodle

Finding your reading list on Moodle

You can find a link to your reading list on the Moodle page for your module.

Select the "Reading Lists" button in the Quick Links box at the top of each Moodle module to view the reading list.  

The Quick Links box in Moodle shows the link to Reading Lists.

Your lecturers may also have integrated sections of the reading list under each week or topic on the Moodle page. Look out for the Talis logo, as in the example provided below.  When you click on the link, you will be able to see only the readings for that week / topic, with direct links to the online resources if available.

In Moodle, the section for week 2 includes a link to Talis Readings: week 2.


Finding your reading list via the Library homepage

You can view and access resources on your reading list via the Reading lists link on the Library website.

The quickest way to find the reading list for your module is to search for the module code or the module title in Reading Lists Online (RLO).  Ensure you have selected the reading list for the current academic year.

In the Reading Lists Online interface the beginning of the module code is typed into the search box, matching suggestions are predicted in a list below.