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Finding cases and legislation

Finding legislation electronically

We recommend the use of Westlaw or LexisLibrary to find legislation. These are easy to use databases that  are constantly updated and contain consolidated versions of legislation, with citator features such as amendments, related legislation, cases citing and relevant secondary sources. They have annotations, in LexisLibrary from Halsburys, and historic as well as current versions of legislation; Westlaw is particularly good here as it allows for point-in-time, historic and prospective versions of statute law; please see the Westlaw video below.

Finding print legislation (as enacted)

The Law Library holds legislation in print and can be found in the far right-hand corner section of the library. Legislation is available in its original ‘as enacted’ form in the following series:

  • Statutes of the Realm

  • Statutes at Large

  • The Law Reports: Statutes

  • Public General Acts

  • Current Law Statutes Annotated Current Law Statutes Annotated is an alphabetical list of all statutes published each year, containing the text of all UK public and private Acts.  The text is of the Act as it was originally passed (as enacted) and does not include any amendments. The annotations provide notes on the background of the Act, with references to bills, white and green papers, and parliamentary debates. It also discusses cases that were significant in motivating a piece of legislation. Use it with caution, and remember to check Current Law Legislation Citator for any repeals or amendments to an Act.

Finding print legislation (with amendments)

Amended legislation, with annotations, is available in the following series:

  • Halsbury’s Statutes This series is continually updated with amendments, and includes annotations including key cases for the interpretation of acts, and which Statutory Instruments have been made under the act. The Halsburys collection can be found in the far right-hand corner section of the library. Halburys is also available online via LexisLibrary, which can be an easier way of searching its vast amount of material.

Is the statute still in force?

To find out if a statute, or section of a statute, is still in force you can use:

  • Current Law Legislation Citators To ensure that you find all the amendments/repeals made to an Act you need to check the Act in question in each volume of the publication published since your Act was passed.  This is because an Act can be amended any time after it has received royal assent. Also includes cases and Statutory Instruments, journal articles about the act. 

  • Chronological Table of the Statutes 1235-2017 This series allows you to look up legislation by title or by date.

  • Is it in Force? This volume is part of the Halsbury’s Statutes series.

  • Both LexisLibrary and Westlaw UK will indicate whether a statute, or section of a statute, is still in force.


Can't find a statute?

If you can't find your legislation using the suggestions above, please ask us for help at the Library helpdesk or email us at