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Governmental, news and statistical resources

Think Tanks

A Think Tank is a body of experts that performs research and provides advice and ideas in specific areas. Below are links to some of the main Think Tanks covering health care in the UK.

These resources are usually most useful when searching for non-clinical information. They cover topics relating to social, economic and political issues in relation to healthcare.

Information is available through their own reports, expert commentaries and analysis, blogs and videos.

CHPI is an independent non-party think tank aiming to set out a vision of health and social care policy based on accountability and the public interest. Information is available under sections including: 

  • Latest reports and analyses
  • Blog
  • Resources   

Centre for Health and the Public Interest    

Explores global health governance and architecture, responses to disease threats and access to health products and services.

Chatham House Global Health


An independent think tank, not affiliated to a political party, aimed at developing public understanding of the framework of a free and democratic society.


The Health Foundation is an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK. Information is available through various sections including:

  • Research and Policy Analysis: provides details about research projects funded by the Health Foundation.
  • Publications: allows you to search for publications produced by the Health Foundation.

Health Foundation


The King's Fund is an independent charity which helps to shape health policy and practice in England through research and analysis. Information is available through sections including:

  • Health Topics: allows you to search under specialist topics which include Governance & Regulation; Leadership & Management and Productivity & Finance. Information is available in the form of blogs, publications and links to relevant articles and websites.
  • Publications: provides access to publications from the King's Fund.
  • Library Services: provides access to the King's Fund Library database allowing you to search publications, journals, books and government publications covering health policy and management.

King's Fund


The Nuffield Trust is an independent health charity who aim to improve the quality of health care in the UK by providing evidence-based research and policy analysis and informing and generating debate. Information is available through sections including:

  • Our Priorities: information is available under the following topics: Finance and Reform; Workforce; Older People & Complex Care; Quality of Care and New Models of Healthcare Delivery
  • Research: provides access to reports, articles and books produced by the Nuffield Trust.
  • Health and social care explained: information is divided under the following sections: NHS Basics; Practical Resources; Policy Focus; Charts & Inforgraphics
  • News & Comment: comment from experts in the UK's health and social care system, recent press releases and other updates from the Trust.
  • Quality Watch: a joint research programme monitoring how the quality of health and social care is changing over time.

Nuffield Trust

Organises senior-level conferences on public policy relating to health and healthcare issues. It has no policy agenda of its own other than to improve the quality of debate on public policy developments and so create opportunities for informed discussion.

Westminster Health Forum

2020health is an independent, social enterprise think tank working to improve health through research, campaigning, networking and relationships. Information is available under various sections including:

  • Policy: allows you to search by topic for research produced by 2020health.
  • Press: provides details of recent radio, TV, online and newspaper coverage.
  • Publications: details of the latest publications produced by 2020health.