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International Politics

Key resources 

Welcome to your subject guide which brings together the resources you will need while studying at City.

if you are researching a topic for your assignment, your research project, your dissertation, or your thesis, use the recommended resources listed on this page or browse the list of specialist resources.

Popular titles

Public Debt, Inequality, and Power, The Making of A Modern Debt State. Sandy Brian Hager.
NGOs : a new history of transnational civil society. Thomas Davies.
Protest, Social Movements, and Global Democracy Since 2011. Thomas Davies,  Holly Eva Ryan, Alejandro Milcíades Peña.
Foreign Policy Analysis, New approaches. Chris Alden and Amnon Aran.
Grassroots Activism and the Evolution of Transitional Justice,  the families of the disappeared. Iosif Kovras.
Truth Recovery and Transitional Justice, deferring Human Rights Issues. Iosif Kovras.
Displaced. The human cost of development and resettlement. Olivia Bennett and Christopher McDowell.
Financial alchemy in crisis: the great liquidity illusion. Anastasia Nesvetailova.
Global finance in crisis: the politics of international regulatory change. Eric Helleiner; Stefano Pagliari; Hubert Zimmermann.
Legacies of Empire: Imperial Roots of the Contemporary Global Order. Sandra Halperin; Ronen Palan.
Global Political Economy, Contemporary theories. Edited by Ronen Palan.
Barack Obama and the myth of a post-racial America. Mark Ledwidge; Kevern Verney; Inderjeet Parmar.
Foundations of the American century: the Ford, Carnegie, and Rockefeller Foundations in the rise of American power. Inderjeet Parmar.
Tamils and the nation : India and Sri Lanka compared. Madurika Rasaratnam.
The EU enlargement and gay politics: the impact of Eastern enlargement on rights, activism and prejudice. Koen Slootmaeckers; Heleen Touquet; Peter Vermeersch.