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Mathematical Sciences

Guide to help you find books, journals and other print and eresources to help you study and research Maths and associated subjects.

Latest Maths e-books

Schaum's outlines calculus in CityLibrary Search

Schaum's outlines calculus
by Elliott Mendelson

Advanced Mathematics in CityLibrary Search.

Advanced Mathematics
by Stanley Farlow 

Foundation Maths in CityLibrary Search.

Foundation Maths
by Tony Croft

How to Prove It: a Structured Approach in CityLibrary Search

How to Prove It: A Structured Approach
by Daniel J. Velleman

Vector Calculus in CityLibrary Search.

Vector Calculus
by P. C. Matthews

Linear Algebra in CityLibrary Search.

Linear Algebra
by Jorg Liesen and V. L. Mehrmann

Linear Algebra Done Right in CityLibrary Search.

Linear Algebra Done Right
by Jay Axler

Browsing the shelves

There are plenty of printed books about Mathematical Sciences available in the Northampton Square Library - most are located on Level 5. 

We organise your books using a classification system called Dewey Decimal. To find a book in the Library, note down the number on the spine, and simply follow the numbers around the shelves: they are stored in numerical order. 

You can find books relevant to Mathematical Sciences at these shelfmarks:

Shelfmarks for Mathematical sciences topics
Topic Shelfmark
Natural Sciences and Mathematics 500
Topology 514
Technology and Applied Sciences - including Engineering at 620 600


Ebooks for Mathematical Sciences

Library Services have purchased a number of ebooks for students and researchers in Mathematical Sciences: when you find one in CityLibrary Search, simply click the link provided and log in using your City Username and Password.

Some of our e-books for Mathematical Sciences