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Newspapers and Magazines

Databases and online sources for finding current and historical newspapers.

Digital archives

Library Services subscribes to a wide range of archives which come in a fully searchable and browsable digital format.

Cover of "The Times" from 1969, headline "Man takes first steps on the moon"Cover of "The New York Times". Headline "East Germany opens frontier to the West for emigration or visits; thousands cross"

Gale Primary Sources

Gale Primary Sources is a dynamic search platform which allows you to cross-search some of the newspaper archives that City subscribes to. 

As well as options to print, email, and download your results, you can create an account with Primary Sources to save and tag your research.

Search Tips

  • Try using Term Clusters to see terms that commonly occur in relation to your own search term; this can help uncover hidden connections, or can be a helpful starting point in the early stages of research.
  • Use the Term Frequency function to see the frequency of a search term(s) in the content over time.  This shows the importance of particular concepts during given periods.

How to use Gale Primary Sources