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For students, academics and researchers within the Optometry and Visual Sciences Division.

Best Practice resources

The following resources have been designed for eye care professionals to help them make correct and quick decisions when dealing directly with patients.

Each resource provides guidance and  information about specific eye conditions.

NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries : Eyes

For each condition, information is available under the following sections:

  • Summary- a brief overview providing a definition of the condition and some of the signs and symptoms.
  • Have I got the right topic?- an overview of what is covered
  • How up to date is this topic?- informs you when research was last performed.
  • Goals and outcome measures- provides details of the purpose of the research on the condition.
  • Background information- can cover details on causes, risk factors, prevalence, complications, prognosis and prevention.
  • Diagnosis
  • Management- provides scenarios on how to manage the condition.
  • Supporting evidence- provides details of the key sources where evidence was found.
  • How this topic was developed- an outline of how evidence was gathered.
  • References- a reference list from where evidence was found.

MSD Manual : Eye Disorders

Information for each condition can be available under the following sections:

  • Etiology
  • Symptoms + signs
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Prevention

For some conditions images and videos are also available. You can also test your knowledge about some conditions through multiple choice tests.