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For students, academics and researchers within the Optometry and Visual Sciences Division.

Finding books and e-books

  1. Search CityLibrary Search by title, keyword or author to locate books and e-books.
  2. Use the 'Refine your search' options to limit the content type to 'book / e-book'. 
  3. E-books: To access e-books on and off campus open the 'Full text online' link from the results section and enter your City email and password.
  4. Print books: The availability, shelfmark, library location, and loan period are displayed. There may be more copies available at other locations - select the link to view the full item record.

A screenshot from CityLibrary search with steps 1 to 4 detailed above.

Shelfmarks for books covering Optometry

Search online for textbooks using CityLibrary Search or use Reading Lists Online to access materials recommended for your module.

Alternatively, you can use this table to check the shelf marks for various topics. Selecting a topic from the table will link to a list of available from the Library.

Optometry topics and their book shelfmarks.
Topic Shelfmarks
Anatomy and physiology 612
Binocular vision (physiology) 612.84
Binocular vision (surgery and medical specialities) 617.762
Cataract 617.742
Clinical Optometry 617.75
Contact lens 617.7523
Dispensing 617.752
Eye diseases 617.7
Glaucoma 617.741
Law (Optometry) 617.75026
Low vision 617.712
Maths 510
Neuroanatomy 611.8
Ocular anatomy 611.84
Ocular physiology 612.84
Paediatric ophthalmology 618.920977