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Current news databases

Use Nexis UK and Factiva to search for international, national and regional news, and access the full text of those newspapers which are normally restricted by paywalls, such as The Times (London) and the New York Times.

These databases are updated daily. They provide you with the full-text of the article, but no accompanying images, graphics or charts. 


PressReader provides digital access to thousands of newspapers and magazines from around the world.  It covers titles in over 60 languages. The list of UK broadsheet and tabloid newspapers includes The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, and The Daily Mail.  Issues of newspapers and magazines appear as they do in the print edition.  PressReader is an excellent resource for studying page layout, advertisements, photographs, etc. 

PressReader provides access to the last year of most publications, with the exception of The Guardian, which only archives the last 2 weeks. 

You can do keyword searches across all the journals and magazines included in PressReader to find articles of interest. 

Current newspapers and magazines

News broadcasts