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Sociology Subject Guide

Finding Books and E-Books

Finding Books and E-Books

Search CityLibrary Search by title, keyword or author to locate books and e-books. 

Results for print books in CityLibrary Search will show you the book title, author, and publication date, followed by number of copies, availability, shelfmark, library location and loan period.

CityLibrary Search result for Social Research Methods shows available copies at shelfmark 300.72 BRY.

To access e-books on and off campus select the 'Full text online' link and enter your City username and password.

An ebook titled Research Methods has a link to Full Text Online displayed in the CityLibrary search results page.

Browsing the shelves

Search the library catalogue and find the shelfmark of the book to locate where the book is shelved in the library and whether a copy of the book is available. You can also browse the library for specific subject areas using the shelfmarks below.

Subject area Shelfmark
Asylum 323.631
Citizenship 323.6
Civil rights 323
Class 305.5
Criminology 364
Culture 306
Emigration and immigration 304.8 and 325
Ethnicity 305.8
Family 306.85
Forced migration 325.21
Gender 305.3
Globalization 303.482
Human rights 323
Information society 303.4833
Internet 004.678 and 302.231
Mass media 302.23
Political sociology 306.2
Qualitative research 302.723
Race 305.8
Refugees 325.21
Research design 300.72
Social conflict 303.6
Social movements 303.484
Social theory 301.01
Sociology 301

E-book collections and dictionaries

Sage Research Methods

Sage Research Methods Online includes a large number of Sage books, dictionaries and encyclopedias on the subject of research methods. You can use Sage Research Methods Online to find information about writing a research question, conducting a literature review, and analysing the data. It also covers the range of research methods used in the social sciences.

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