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Language and Communication Science

For students, academics and researchers within the Language and Communication Sciences Division.

Assessments & Tests

Copies of specialised assessments and tests, designed for professional speech therapists when working with patients, are available from both the Division of Language and Communication Sciences and the Library.

Those available from the Division are available for loan, those available in the Library are for reference use only.

Assessments & Tests available for loan from the LCS division

Assessments & Tests available for reference use in the Library

Assessments and Tests available in the library are for reference use only.

The most popular are stored on Level 2 of the Library near the service desk. Those which are less popular are held in the Library Store.

To see if the Library stocks a specific assessment you can also enter the title into CityLibrary Search

Assessments not available from City

You will sometimes want to use an assessment which isn't available from either the Library or LCS Division.

In this case your best option is to try the National Information Centre for Speech-language Therapy (NICeST) library which is based at UCL.

You can search the NICeST Catalogue to see if they stock the assessment you need.

Visit the NICeST Library Membership pages to check your access rights.