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Language and Communication Science

For students, academics and researchers within the Language and Communication Sciences Division.


Search online for textbooks using CityLibrary Search or use Reading Lists Online to access materials recommended for your module.

Alternatively, you can use this table to check the shelf marks for various topics. Selecting a shelfmark from the table will provide a list of book titles under that category available from the Library.



Alzheimers 616.831
Anatomy & Physiology (audiology) 616.85507
Anatomy & Physiology (speech) 612.78
Anatomy & Physiology (swallowing) 616.32
Aphasia 616.855206
Apraxia 616.8552
Articulation disorders 616.855
Asperger's syndrome 616.8588
Audiology 617.8
Augmentative communication 616.85882
Autism (children) 618.9285882
Autism (psychological) 616.85882
Autism (teaching) 371.94
Child development 155.4
Cleft lip/palate 617.5225
Communication disorders 616.855
Deafness 617.8
Dementia 616.83
Dysarthria 616.855
Dyslexia 616.8553
Dyspraxia 371.916
Education (speech and language) 616.85506071
Evidence Based Medicine 616
Fluency disorders 616.8554
Hearing 617.8
Hearing (physiology) 612.85
Language development 401.93 & 618.92855
Language disabilities 371.914
Language disorders 618.92855
Larynx 616.22 & 617.533
Linguistics 410
Motor speech disorders 616.855
Neurology 616.8
Paediatrics 618.92
Phonetics and Phonology 414 & 421.5
Sign Language 419
Stammering/Stuttering 616.8554
Stammering/Stuttering (children) 618.928554
Stroke 616.81
Swallowing disorders 616.31

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