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Library Services for Additional Needs

Disability and neurodiversity support

Getting started

Our aim is to ensure that all our users are able to take full advantage of the services that the library has to offer.

Library users who would like to make use of the Assistive Technology Centre and additional services should first contact Disability Services or the Neurodiversity Support team who will make a referral and provide us with an initial assessment of your requirements. Your local library location representative will then be able to put the necessary arrangements in place for you.

Additional services

  • Extended loan periods on 7 day items
  • Book collection
  • Assistive software
  • Assistive equipment
  • Alternative formats
  • 1-2-1 support

Find books, journals and articles

CityLibrary Search is a library search engine that you can use to find books, e-books, journal articles, conference proceedings, theses, videos, and much more. You can find out more about the accessibility of CityLibrary Search on the supplier guide including instructions for screen reader users.

Book an Assistive Technology Room

Individual Assistive Technology Rooms are located at Northampton Square Library, Level 2. Maximum booking:12 hours per week and 4 hours per day. Find out more about assistive software and equipment.

Book a room

Access the screenreader friendly room booking system.

These rooms are available only to students with ID cards set with swipe access permission. External visitors without City ID cards are not permitted access, as per the Library Charter.