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Creating a Bloomberg account

The first time you use Bloomberg you will need to create your own Bloomberg account:

  1. Log in to the Bloomberg terminal with your City email address and password.

  2. Select the green Bloomberg icon on the desktop.

  1. Select Enter or <Go> to begin.

  2. Select Create a new login.

The Bloomberg login page highlighting the Create a New Account option

  1. Enter your personal information.

  • You will need to use your City/Bayes email address.

  • It is important that you give a valid phone number for Bloomberg to contact you. Your mobile phone is probably the best number to use.

  • When entering your phone number, do not include the first 0 (e.g. +44 7730...).

  • Enter your number for both company phone number and mobile phone number.

  1. Select whether you want to receive confirmation from Bloomberg via SMS text message or automated phone call.

  • Please stay by the Bloomberg terminal until you receive the text message/phone call or Bloomberg will not be able to validate your login.

  1. When you have received your text message or phone call, enter the four digit code you are given to validate your account.

  2. Make a note of your username and the password you created.

    • If you do not use your login details within 90 days, you will need to recreate your account.

  3. Login to Bloomberg to test your new account.


Resetting your password

If you have an account but have lost the details, go to the log in screen and follow the Forgot Login Name or Password? instructions. 

If your account has become inactive, enter your username and password and follow the instructions on the screen. To retrieve Bloomberg account information, you will need access to the mobile phone number associated with your account.