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Getting Started

Bloomberg Getting Started Guide for Students is available in Business Library Moodle 2023-2024. Non Business students should email for a copy of the guide. The guide illustrates the basic principles of navigating Bloomberg and the Bloomberg Excel add-in using relevant and accessible information for new users.

Bloomberg Market Concepts also has a module on terminal basics. See our Bloomberg Market Concepts guide for more information.

Bloomberg help codes

Bloomberg has lots of help codes you can use. Enter each one followed by <GO>:


For basic help with using the terminal.


To access the Help Library, which has guidance on a range of Bloomberg topics.

F1 key

Use this keyboard shortcut to access contextual help for the function you’re viewing.


For the Bloomberg Help and Learning Centre.


Quick guides to functions for different market sectors.


A list of Bloomberg Quick-Takes articles to help you understand various topics.


To find and enrol in webinars and training resources.


Workflows and useful Bloomberg functions for specific professional roles.


To learn more about Bloomberg Query Language and view a list of functions.

Bloomberg can also assist in your job hunt. Try the following codes:


A people database that you can filter for things like job role and alumni of particular schools.


A jobs search for the finance industry.


An industry explorer to help you with application and interview research.