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The Bloomberg terminal

Bloomberg terminal is a PC that's used to access Bloomberg.

Terminals have specialised hardware and software to enable you to get the most out of Bloomberg. For example, each terminal at City has two screens so you can see more data.

Terminal locations at City

We have 17 terminals across 2 locations:

You can book a terminal in the Financial Resources Zone or the Financial Resources Suite to ensure your place.

You first log in to the terminal with your usual City username and password. You'll then need to create your account before you can access Bloomberg.

If you spot any problems with terminal software or hardware, you can report an issue with Bloomberg via email.

The Bloomberg keyboard

Bloomberg terminals have specialised keyboards with shortcut keys for commonly used functions. These are colour coded to help you find them more quickly:

  • Green keys are action keys.
  • Yellow keys are market sector keys.
  • Red keys are stop keys.

Some commands will action automatically, but others will require you to hit one of the green Enter/GO keys to execute.